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YOUR Vote is needed to help me to LOWER your water bills, property taxes and improve Customer Service at our San Leon MUD.  Our MUD Board is in desperate need of Honest leadership. I will act with integrity to make sure ALL public funds are spent wisely and full transparency is provided to YOU, the Tax Payiing Public.

I look forward to a robust Public Debate with all the other Candidates.  This to present myself, my views and my vision to better provide water district service for the benefit of YOU, the tax paying public.  It is my goal to improve Customer Service at your water department such that it better serves YOU who pay the water and tax bills and pay the salaries of the District's employees who serve you.

All registered voters, residing within the District are eligible to Vote in the upcoming Board election..

This Election will be held April 20-24, April 27-28 and May 2nd 2020. The Polling place is our San Leon VFD building on 12st in San Leon .  You may also vote at any other Polling place within Galveston County on Election Day, Saturday May 2nd.

In consideration of the importance of this Election to the future of the District and San Leon the PUBLIC CANDIDATE DEBATE will be conducted on April 13th @ 6:30PM. Come early to enjoy a set of acoustic jam from local guitar legend Fast Eddie Isom, Jr.!.  All Candidates who wish to participate and all persons who wish to help in the organization of this Public event are urged to contact  Debate@SanLeon.info  .

Should you need to register to vote, Postage Paid Voters Registration cards available NOW at Lawrence Grocery, Bayshore & 9th in San Leon and at our San Leon MUD office on 24th St in San Leon. Deadline to register is April 2, 2020 !


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